RELEVANCE helps you reach your employees in real time with relevant information where it matters and when it matters. On corporate devices and on their own (mobile) devices.


Today's world overloads your knowledge workers with information, (negatively) influencing their productiveness.

While most Social Intranet solutions focus on creating (even) more content, RELEVANCE focuses on figuring out what's relevant for an individual employee.

Using smart technology (Text Mining, Natural Languague Processing, Machine Learning/AI) we discover what's of interest and what's not by observing your employees' reading behaviour.

Our algorithms go beyond "what's clicked and what's not", e.g. including time spent versus text length and text complexity. Using topic mining and entity recognition we discover real interests, which we use to generate personal content recommendations.

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We will not share your information with anyone else.


Our Analytics Dashboard provides insight into the reading behaviour of your organization, showing what works and what does not. It hands you with ability to monitor your organization's communications heartbeat and control the flow of information.

You get fine-grained control over the flow of information. Using our content targeting options, you decide who receives what information.

By using targeted (push) notifications, content inserts and in-app alerts, need-to-know information can be emphasized.

Relevance's native apps, web app and desktop version guarantee you can reach your employees on any device.

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Most organizations have existing Content Management Systems and content sources. Often more than one and sometimes on different technology stacks.

Relevance does not add yet another CMS, but focuses on integrating existing systems instead of adding one more.

Relevance uses the imgZine Platform to connect existing sources from within the Enterprise as well as external sources, aggregate content from any of those sources and compose information channels in the dashboard. They form the basis for general, targeted and personalized information flows.

By connecting your existing user directory, employees sign in with their existing credentials.

The imgZine Platform runs in the cloud (Platform as a Service) or on premises.


Relevance's PeopleFinder helps employees connect, identify the enterprise skill map and locate thought leaders and experts. By using social networks and elements of gamification we add to the fun and help strengthen ties in the informal organization.

Design and UX matter. Often overlooked and underestimated, but becoming more relevant every year, our beautiful design, within the boundaries of your corporate identity and style, adds to the engagement and helps your employees feel proud of their organization.

With our UX we choose to mimic strong, proven, patterns from consumer grade apps.

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imgZine's Platform, the backbone for Relevance, has a proven track record on (enterprise grade) security. A must have, with customers like major banks, governments and apps like the Nuclear Security Summit and the Global Conference on Cyberspace.

Our platform gets tested by external auditors on a regular basis. Our security officer (CISSP) is available to discuss any remaining concerns with your corporate security officer.

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Many of the functions and features in Relevance may feel familiar. This is intentional. We think that enterprise apps should look and feel like consumer grade apps. Beautiful and intuitive.

We actively apply successful patterns from consumer grade apps like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flipboard and WhatsApp to the Enterprise. This follows the trend of consumerization of enterprise IT.

Although the functions seem similar, we enhance them and add smartness. We maintain a strong link to local universities and apply the latest scientific insights where possible. We call that "similar, but smarter".



  • Does your organization have more than 5.000 employees?
  • Is your workforce mobile and on the go?
  • Do you struggle to keep your employees informed?
  • Does your organization have a Mobile First strategy?
  • Does your company have a BYOD policy?
  • Does your organization want to enable/empower its employees by providing them with relevant information on their own device, anytime, anywhere?
  • Does your organization ever need to reach out to its employees with important (urgent) information no matter where they are?
  • Is your intranet not as effective as expected? Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your communications by extending your reach?
  • Do you want to be in control of your corporate communications?
  • Do you need insight into the skill map of you employees? Do you want to identify the experts in your organization?
  • Do you want to improve employee engagement in your organization?
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